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Lia Mayfield

Seq Race Date City ST Finish
Distance Bib Overall
34 Route 66 Marathon 11/23/14 Tulsa OK 3:53:09 Marathon 2588 220/ 1685 40/ 754 7 Warm and windy. The hills really got to me this year with my back and hip injury still lingering. Did the detour since I knew I wouldn't BQ.
33 Arkansas Marathon 10/04/14 Booneville AR 3:50:21 Marathon     1   Got lost and ran an extra mile. Cost me some time and a BQ! Still got first female. My very first overall win!
32 Litte Rock Marathon 03/02/14 Little Rock AR 4:00:00 Marathon         Paced the 4 hour group. Tough conditions with freezing rain and wind.
31 White Rock Classic 50K 02/01/14 Cass AR 5:47:04 50 km     3   Almost 32 miles with over 6000 feet of total elevation gain. Tough course in the rain. Felt great to get 3rd place female though :)
30 Louisiana Marathon 01/19/14 Baton Rouge LA 3:28:21 Marathon 9001 127/ 1473 15/ 706 2/ 109 Great race!! Course was beautiful. I started fast and ran ahead of the 3:25 pace group until mile 19 then I had to battle to hold a decent pace to the finish. Hung out with the #1,#2,and #3 maniacs after..good times!
29 3B26 12/28/13 Little rock AR 3:38:13 Marathon       1 2nd place masters! Boring course but fun to see a lot of runners I know.
28 Tulsa rt 66 11/24/13 Tulsa OK 3:32:39 Marathon       2 Love this race! 6 years in a row!
27 Redman Triathlon 09/21/13 Oklahoma City OK 5:00:14 Marathon 191 111/ 158 25/ 42 3/ 7 My first Iron distance triathlon! Had a bike wreck at mile 103..cost me some time but I was able to finish. A month later and I'm still recovering!
26 Mississippi River Marathon 02/09/13 Greenville MS 3:45:21 Marathon 251   16/ 160 3/ 29 Had a horrible head wind the first 15 or so miles. I did manage a negative split!
25 Go Short, Go Long, Go very Long 01/26/13 Tulsa OK 4:30:21 50 km 1023 5/ 49 2/ 26 1/ 7 2nd 50K and a huge PR! Loved the course and the food after was great!
24 St. Jude Marathon 12/01/12 Memphis TN 3:56:15 Marathon         Great race! A little hilly on the 2nd half. Warm and a little windy. Great finish and lots of good food after. Long walk back to car..overall great course great cause!!
23 Tulsa Rt 66 11/18/12 Tulsa OK 4:41:12 Marathon         5th Rt 66 in a row! Stayed with Scott the whole was his first marathon. A little hilly and windy..but overall a beautiful cool sunny day!
22 Frisco Railroad 50K 04/28/12 Willard MO 5:19:53 50 km   11 5 1 My first Ultra!! Ran the first half with Maniac Steve Hughes..he made the first half seem like a piece of cake! Tried to increase my pace at the half turnaround..made it to about mile 26 then felt myself slow down. Had to walk/run the last 3 miles. Loved the course! Lots of shade and the surface was very easy on my legs. Want to go back next year for the 50 mile!
21 Boston Marathon 04/16/12 Boston MA 4:52:54 Marathon 10886       One of the HOTTEST Boston Marathon's ever!!! Hot from start to finish. Made it to mile 6 then starting drinking beer or any other alcoholic beverage I could find! Enjoyed the Boston Marathon maniac style!
20 Litte Rock Marathon 03/04/12 Little Rock AR 5:09:20 Marathon         My very first pacing experience! I was lucky enough to be a co-pacer with Mr. Arland Blanton! Had an amazing experience!
19 Chevron Houston Marathon 01/15/12 Houston TX 5:10:20 Marathon 38 5943/ 7614 2038/ 2795 406/ 512 4 weeks post surgery..ran/walked Came into the finish with Tala and Arland! Had an awesome time!
18 Tulsa Route 66 marathon 11/20/11 Tulsa OK 3:52:50 Marathon 2787 257 53/ 572 11/ 87 Cold and windy! Love going home to run this race. I didn't know until a few days after but I was running with a blood infection and onset of a bone infection in my pubic bone!
17 MidSouth Championship Marathon 11/05/11 Wynne AR 3:35:00 Marathon 85 26/ 191 4/ 54 1/ 10 Great course..aid stations every mile. Pasta dinner at packet pick up but no vendors. Out and back course with very few rolling hills. Mostly flat with beautiful country views. Finish was at the high school track. Was 3rd female until mile 24 and got passed but cramps held me back. Showers were available at the finish and an awesome bbq lunch and awards presentation!
16 A2A Marathon 03/20/11 Ardmore OK 3:47:35 Marathon 56 21/ 138 4/ 45 1/ 11 TOUGH RACE!! Extremely windy and headwind most of the way. Glad this one is over. I forgot how hilly it was!
15 Little Rock Marathon 03/06/11 Little Rock AR 3:24:58 Marathon 892 106/ 1811 11/ 734 1/ 113 Another PR! The first half was very fast then THE HILLS!! Tough course but lots of fun.
14 White Rock Marathon 12/05/10 Dallas TX 3:28:39 Marathon 3220 396/ 4587 46/ 1773 8/ 351 PR!! Can't believe I did this 2 weeks after Tulsa. I guess running this course the 3rd time was a charm. I swore I'd never come back because of the heat and extreme wind the last 2 yrs. Weather was awesome this year!
13 Tulsa RT 66 Marathon 11/21/10 Tulsa OK 3:40:08 Marathon 2018 130/ 1509 16/ 572 2/ 96 3rd year in a row to do this one! It was very windy and a little warm. The course is slightly hilly the first half but flat the 2nd half. I got an awesome coin for taking the Center of the Universe added .3 to the race. Would've PR'd had I not done it but it was worth it! Will try to do this one every year!
12 Mother Road Marathon 10/10/10 Joplin MO 3:38:35 Marathon 355 32/ 524 7/ 242 1/ 44 Qualified for BOSTON!!
11 Andy Payne Memorial Marathon 05/30/10 Yukon OK 4:23:35 Marathon 42 28/ 79 9/ 27 2/ 5 It was very hot and humid but the course was nice and flat with some shade. The volunteers were friendly and supportive. My first marathon as a maniac and was super cool to see so many maniacs at such a small race! Got 2nd in my age division and got to bring home a nice trophy!
10 Oklahoma City Memorial 04/25/10 Oklahoma City OK 4:29:19 Marathon 600       Not a great race for me. I did not sleep well the night before and had trouble getting to the start line. Every shuttle that came by my hotel was full and would not let anyone on. I ended up driving to the start line and had to walk quite a way and barely made it before the gun sounded. 10 miles in I was exhausted. Thank goodness I met up with some great people around mile 20 and they helped me run/walk it in.
9 A2A Marathon 03/28/10 Ardmore OK 3:56:47 Marathon 144   7/ 47 3/ 11 Lots of rolling hills in this one. It was very windy and for a lot of the race my whole body had to work to stay moving. Loved the crowd support for such a small race. It was really cool to be driven up in the mountains and dropped off for the start. The finish was at the local High School track. Very cool running a lap there and hearing the cheers. Will definitely run this one again!
8 MardiGras Marathon 02/28/10 New Orleans LA 3:47:52 Marathon   643/ 3509 125/ 1551 33 My PR!!! Missed BQ by less than 2 minutes :( It was a very flat/fast course with lots of music and tons of crowd support! Loved the atmosphere and experienced a little too much bourbon street!
7 White Rock Marathon 12/13/09 Dallas TX 3:54:31 Marathon         Don't know why I keep running this race! It was very hot for a December race with 35mph winds! The part around the lake is just awful!
6 Route 66 Marathon 11/22/09 Tulsa OK 3:51:33 Marathon          
5 Country Music Marathon 04/25/09 Nashville TN 4:17:56 Marathon         Almost 90 at the finish!
4 Hogeye Marathon 04/05/09 Fayetteville AR 4:17:08 Marathon   69/ 130 12/ 41 2 LOTS AND LOTS of HILLS!!! Fun race though!
3 White Rock Marathon 12/14/08 Dallas TX 4:04:02 Marathon         Very windy and hot! Do not like the course and the crazy weather did not help.
2 Route 66 Marathon 11/16/08 Tulsa OK 4:18:32 Marathon          
1 Little Rock Marathon 03/02/08 Little Rock AR 5:00:16 Marathon          

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